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A Global Judicial News Report: Feb. 2024


Judicature International (2024) | An online-only publication

Cover Photo: France’s Cour de Cassation (Photo Credit: Dorin Tamas)

Courts of Cassation, like the one in France, are high courts that exist in some legal systems. Unlike a supreme court, which can rule on the facts of a case and the given law, courts of cassation can only rule on matters of law. The term derives from the Latin cassare, meaning “to reverse or overturn.” Ukraine Supreme Court Justice Olena Kibenko, who was interviewed in this edition’s feature article, also serves on a court of cassation. Like France, Ukraine has a civil legal system where the main source of law is codified.

In The News

France/Singapore 🇫🇷🇸🇬

On January 31, 2024, the Supreme Court of Singapore and the Court of Cassation of France convened the inaugural Singapore-France Judicial Roundtable, a milestone in the collaboration between the two judiciaries. (Singapore Government News Release, 2/1/2024) Keep Reading »

Hungary 🇸🇬

At emergency meetings in Brussels on Feb. 1, Prime Minister Victor Orban relented from previous threats to spike an E.U. plan to deliver $54 billion in aid to Ukraine over the next four years. (Washington Post, 2/2/2024) Keep Reading »

Israel 🇮🇱

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) ordered Israel to take all measures within its power to prevent its troops from committing genocide, punish acts of incitement and take steps to improve the humanitarian situation as it wages war against Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip. (Reuters, 1/26/2024) Keep Reading »

Kenya 🇰🇪

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) expressed discontent over Kenyan President William Ruto’s comments concerning the judiciary’s functioning. Chief Justice Martha Koom, chairperson of the JSC, issued a statement highlighting concerns about criticism faced by judges for perceived opposition to state programs. (Jurist, 1/5/2024) Keep Reading »

Kiribati 🇰🇮

A United Nations Special Rapporteur has castigated the Kiribati Government for its treatment of judges and the country’s judicial crisis. (Radio New Zealand, 12/22/2023) Keep Reading »

Pakistan 🇵🇰

A Pakistani anti-graft court jailed former Prime Minister Imran Khan and his wife Bushra Khan for 14 years each on charges of illegally selling state gifts, his party said. (Reuters, 1/31/2024) Keep Reading »

Poland 🇵🇱

European Union Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders praised efforts by Poland’s new pro-EU government to restore the rule of law and said they may lead to the release of billions of euros in EU funds for the country that were frozen under the previous government. (Associated Press, 1/19/2024) Keep Reading »

Ukraine 🇺🇦

Former head of Ukraine’s Supreme Court Vsevolod Knyazev, charged with accepting a $2.7 million bribe, was released on a UAH 18.2 million ($486,000) bail. (The New Voice of Ukraine, 1/31/2024) Keep Reading »