I Recommend: Nino and Me: An Intimate Portrait of Scalia’s Last Years


Nino and Me

Nino and Me: An Intimate Portrait of Scalia’s Last Years (click the image to see the publisher’s description)

Collaborative writing can be a delicate endeavor for many judges, especially when collaborating with someone who is not a judge. Bryan Garner’s newest book, Nino and Me, offers not just an intimate portrait of Garner’s friendship with Justice Antonin Scalia, but also an insightful look at the challenges of writing with someone else.

Written as a friend’s tribute to Justice Scalia, Nino and Me focuses on the writing process behind the two books Garner and Scalia wrote together: Reading Law: The Interpretation of Legal Texts (West 2012), and Making Your Case: The Art of Persuading Judges (Thomson West, 2008). Interesting stories about their friendship abound: Garner recounts tales involving Justice Scalia performing at Garner’s wedding, a trip the two took together to the Far East, and time spent together with their families. He also recalls cooking eggs for Scalia (and their disagreement as to how to properly cook eggs); getting haircuts together; and details of their exercise routines.

Garner also offers his insights into Scalia’s judicial philosophies and perspectives, covering Scalia’s thoughts on topics such as the difference between textualism and originalism; the role “justice” should play in judicial decisions; judicial appointments; originalism; separation of powers; and more.


Writers interested in the collaborative writing process will find Nino and Me helpful, and judges will find it useful for its insights on the process and pitfalls of collaborative writing. And its light-hearted look at a unique friendship between two legal luminaries makes Nino and Me a fun read for anyone interested in Scalia’s life on and off the bench.

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Nino and Me: An Intimate Portrait of Scalia’s Last Years
Book by: Bryan A. Garner
Published by: ‎‎Simon and Schuster (2018)
Available on Amazon and Kindle