About Joseph Kimble

Joseph Kimble is an emeritus professor at WMU–Cooley Law School. He is senior editor of The Scribes Journal of Legal Writing, the editor of the Plain Language column in the Michigan Bar Journal, and the author of three books and many articles on legal writing (not to mention a children’s book). He served as drafting consultant on the projects to restyle the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Federal Rules of Evidence. Follow him on Twitter @ProfJoeKimble.

Written by Joseph Kimble

Headings, please. The more, the better

Summer 2020 | Volume 104 Number 2

The Plague of String Citations

Spring 2020 | Volume 104 Number 1

Zap Multiword Prepositions, Please

Summer 2018 | Volume 102 Number 2

Go Light on Heavy Connectors

Summer 2019 | Volume 103 Number 2

Not So Fast: A Response to the Garner Response to My Article on Lockhart

by Joseph Kimble

Summer 2018 | Volume 102 Number 2

Let’s ditch unnecessary procedural detail

Spring 2018 | Volume 102 Number 1

Repairing Long Sentences

Fall/Winter 2018 | Volume 102 Number 3

A little less stiff, and no tangents, please.

Winter 2017 | Volume 101 Number 4