Lilia Alvarez was the 2018-2019 Fellow assigned to the Supreme Court of the United States, where she served in the Office of the Counselor to the Chief Justice. From 2014 to 2016, Alvarez served as Presiding Judge of the Guadalupe Municipal Court in the Town of Guadalupe, Arizona. Previously she served as Legal Director of the Central American Resource Center in Washington, D.C. She is currently clerking for a U.S. District Judge. Alvarez prepared this article during her Supreme Court fellowship. The views expressed are hers alone. For comments on earlier drafts, Alvarez thanks Clara Altman, Jeffrey Apperson, Omar Badawi, Zachary D. Clopton, Judge John Cratsley, James B. Eaglin, Gordon M. Griller, Mira Gur-Arie, Mary L. Holden, Dr. Katherine Kidd, Margarita T. Kofalt, Cassidy Merten, Leonard Montanaro, Chief District Judge Kimberly J. Mueller, Judge Charles R. Pyle, Wanda Rubianes-Collazo, Ji Young (Zoey) Ryu, Jessica Swanson, Michael L. Shenkman, Sheldon L. Snook, Judge Roxanne Song Ong, Donna Stienstra, James A. Wilson, and Judge Alice Wright. Alvarez also thanks members of the Judicial Conference Committee on International Judicial Relations: Judge Carlos Bea, Judge Martin Glenn, Judge Dan A. Polster, and Judge Sidney H. Stein.

Written by Lilia Alvarez