Autumn 2015 - Volume 99 Number 2

A Passion for Justice

by J. Michelle Childs

Autumn 2015 | Volume 99 Number 2

When you call the name of the hon. Matthew J. Perry, Jr., everyone reminisces about their cherished memories of this legal and judicial luminary who had a zeal for the […]

Time Magazine Supreme Court Photo - 1937

Shooting From the Hip: Concealed Cameras in the United States Supreme Court

by Kyle C. Kopko and Erin Krause

Autumn 2015 | Volume 99 Number 2

On mar. 28, 1996, Justices David Souter and Anthony Kennedy testified before a House Appropriations subcommittee to discuss the Supreme Court’s budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Souter, appointed by […]

A Frankenstein character with "MDL" on shirt is "wrangled" by ropes

Wrangling the Beast

by Jaime L. Dodge

Autumn 2015 | Volume 99 Number 2

With multidistrict litigation cases occupying a full third of the federal docket, would you know how to litigate or adjudicate one? If your answer is a bit timid, it may […]

U.S. dollars in a jar

Discovery Cost Shifting: Has Its Time Come?

by Alex Dahl and John Vail

Autumn 2015 | Volume 99 Number 2

Since at least 1990, a few courts have shifted payment of discovery costs to the requesting party either under their general case- management authority or as part of a Rule 26 […]

Richard A Posner Book Title

A Judge’s Life

by Scott D. Makar

Autumn 2015 | Volume 99 Number 2