Autumn 2017 - Volume 101 Number 3

Jim Griffith

From the Editor: Restraint

by James Griffith

Autumn 2017 | Volume 101 Number 3

In a recent article concerning the supreme court confirmation process, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg — my former law school professor — was recently quoted as saying she hoped that in […]

Bullet points, yes. Unnecessary dates, no.

by Joseph Kimble

Autumn 2017 | Volume 101 Number 3

REDLINES Our writing guru, Joseph Kimble, simplifies and adds punch with some fairly quick fixes. He notes: The opinion deals with Defendant’s motion to quash Plaintiff’s notice of deposition. Before […]

Out of Control Policing

Out-of-Control Policing: Are Judges to Blame?

by Lee Rosenthal

Autumn 2017 | Volume 101 Number 3

“Unwarranted.” Few words mean as many things to hardworking judges. “Unwarranted” can mean that an action is “unauthorized,” as in “not permitted” or affirmatively “forbidden.” It can mean that an […]

From the Publisher: As I See It

by John K. Rabiej

Autumn 2017 | Volume 101 Number 3

The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure should be abrogated. I speak not of the criticisms of the rules as a failure to ensure the just, speedy, and inexpensive determination of […]

The Storied Third Branch

Gentleman Judge and Magnificent Man: Judge J. William Ditter, Jr.

by Gene E.K. Pratter

Autumn 2017 | Volume 101 Number 3

The Eastern District of Pennsylvania is a large, collegial trial court where quick humor and timely touches of humanity are as highly valued as intelligence and integrity. Even though this […]