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I Recommend: The Body Keeps the Score

by Judge David Nuffer

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The book that has recently altered my approach to others and to my work is The Body Keeps the Score by neuroscientist Bessel Van der Kolk. The book summarizes, for […]

I Recommend: Theodore Roosevelt for the Defense

by Daniel Coble

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Ask any American today what the trial of the century was, and you will likely get varying answers, ranging from OJ Simpson to Paul Manafort. However, ask any New York […]

I Recommend: In Hoffa’s Shadow

by David F. Levi

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I recently finished listening to Jack Goldsmith’s recent book, In Hoffa’s Shadow. I highly recommend it. Professor Goldsmith is on the Harvard Law School faculty and is one of our […]

I Recommend: AI Superpowers

by J. Zhanna Malekos Smith

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I recommend AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order by Dr. Kai-Fu Lee — a book first recommended to me by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. […]

I Recommend: Judicial Merit Selection

by Gbemende E. Johnson

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Whether merit selection works is the key question that motivates Greg Goelzhauser’s innovative and timely inquiry in Judicial Merit Selection: Institutional Design and Performance for State Courts, the latest addition […]

I Recommend: The Knowledge Illusion

by Robin M. Hogarth

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People no doubt make errors in judgments. At the same time, we know people are capable of remarkable intellectual achievements. The tension between the two might prompt us to ask […]

I Recommend: No Truth Left to Tell

by Michael Baylson

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It’s 1994 in Lynnwood, Louisiana, a fictional large city with a history of Klan activity. As a purposeful remnant of supposedly long-ago racial hatred, five cross burnings take place in […]

I Recommend: The Mirror and the Light

by Joseph Blocher

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Hilary Mantel’s The Mirror and The Light is the final installment in her remarkable trilogy about the life of Thomas Cromwell. The first two, Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies, each won the Booker […]

I Recommend: Nino and Me: An Intimate Portrait of Scalia’s Last Years

by Joe Boatwright

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Collaborative writing can be a delicate endeavor for many judges, especially when collaborating with someone who is not a judge. Bryan Garner’s newest book, Nino and Me, offers not just an […]

I Recommend: Lead Yourself First, Inspiring Leadership Through Solitude

by Spencer D. Levine

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Is solitude something we should seek or avoid? Is it helpful or detrimental to individuals, and specifically those who are leaders? If it is helpful, why is it particularly important […]