Spring 2021 - Volume 105 Number 1

The Future of the U.S. Presidency

by David F. Levi, Terry M. Moe, David Kennedy, Daphna Renan and Jack L. Goldsmith

Spring 2021 | Volume 105 Number 1

What will be the legacy of the Trump presidency? Was this administration uniquely tumultuous because of Donald Trump’s personality and beliefs? Or are there other external forces or circumstances at […]

2020 Election Litigation: The Courts Held

by David F. Levi, Amelia Ashton Thorn and John Macy

Spring 2021 | Volume 105 Number 1

We had an extraordinary election in November 2020. More Americans voted than in any other election, even though an infectious virus still stalked the nation. Immediately following election day, we […]

An Immigrant Judge’s Ode to Naturalization Ceremonies

by Nancy Joseph

Spring 2021 | Volume 105 Number 1

Above: Judge Joseph in 2019 with her 92-year-old “adoptive” mother, Uctorieuse Destin, on the day Judge Joseph presided over Destin’s naturalization ceremony. COVID-19 has impacted all aspects of life, including […]

Person marking paper with red pen

At Least Do The Easy Stuff

by Joseph Kimble

Spring 2021 | Volume 105 Number 1

In these two examples, I have done very little rewriting. I simply used plain words and cut unnecessary words (including the egregiously unnecessary parentheticals). And in the second one, I […]

Academic Feeder Judges: Are clerkships the key to academia?

by Howard M. Wasserman

Spring 2021 | Volume 105 Number 1

Click here to download this article’s accompanying appendix. The legal community is familiar with “feeder judges” — federal lower-court (primarily court of appeals) judges who have a substantial number of […]

State Courts Brace for Budget Hit

by William Raftery

Spring 2021 | Volume 105 Number 1

The COVID-19 pandemic forced drastic changes in the way courts operate and function. It also caused many courts to change their budgetary practices. An October 2020 survey of the Conference […]

Retired Mass. Chief Justice Margaret H. Marshall to Receive 2021 Bolch Prize for the Rule of Law

by Melinda Myers Vaughn

Spring 2021 | Volume 105 Number 1

Margaret H. Marshall — former chief justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court and a lifelong advocate for a more transparent, efficient, and accountable judiciary — will receive the 2021 […]

Sandra Day O’Connor’s “First” Principles: A Constructive Vision for an Angry Nation

by Lisa Kern Griffin

Spring 2021 | Volume 105 Number 1

Once upon a time in American public life, there were figures who achieved universal admiration. It was even possible to earn the trust of those with whom one disagreed. Justice […]

A Model of Collegiality: Judge Harry T. Edwards

by Daphna Renan, Sri Srinivasan and Pamela Harris

Spring 2021 | Volume 105 Number 1

One of Judge Harry Edwards’s successors as chief judge of the D.C. Circuit has called Judge Edwards the “Great Chief.” That is a fitting appellation. While Judge Edwards could serve […]

What do Americans want in their state judges?

by Herbert M. Kritzer

Spring 2021 | Volume 105 Number 1

As scholars regularly document,1 states have frequently changed their systems of judicial selection and retention. What remains unknown is whether these systems actually address the kinds of qualities citizens value […]

China’s E-Justice Revolution

by Zhuhao Wang (汪诸豪)

Spring 2021 | Volume 105 Number 1

(Pictured Above: View of an online hearing at the Hangzhou Internet Court, in Hangzhou City, the first court in the world designed to hear cases nearly exclusively online. Disputes focus […]

Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, and the Law

by Philip Sales

Spring 2021 | Volume 105 Number 1

Much attention is paid to our brave new world wrought by algorithms and artificial technology, one in which many societal functions are accelerated and made more efficient — and more […]

David F. Levi

From The Publisher

by David F. Levi

Spring 2021 | Volume 105 Number 1

In reviewing this edition of Judicature, I am struck not only by the breadth of subject matter and the thoughtfulness of our authors, but also the way this journal provides […]

Judicial Honors and Milestones

by Emma Roberts

Spring 2021 | Volume 105 Number 1

Chief Magistrate Judge Diane K. Vescovo of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Tennessee received the Marion Griffin-Frances Loring Award from the Association for Women Attorneys. The award recognizes […]

Table of Contents

by Judicature Staff

Spring 2021 | Volume 105 Number 1

— Features — 2020 ELECTION LITIGATION: THE COURTS HELD David F. Levi, Amelia Ashton Thorn & John Macy THE FUTURE OF THE U.S. PRESIDENCY David Kennedy, Daphna Renan, Terry Moe, […]