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Lawyers, the Legal Profession & Access to Justice in the United States: A Brief History

In no profession is the gulf greater between ideals and practices than it is for lawyers. Ideally, justice is a universal good: the law protects equally the rights of the […]

Stevens, J., Dissenting: The Legacy of Heller

Second Amendment scholars discuss the late Justice John Paul Stevens’s contributions to one of the nation’s thorniest debates During his 34 years on the Supreme Court, Justice John Paul Stevens […]

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Taking “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt” Seriously

by Jon O. Newman

Editor’s note: This article was written by Judge Jon O. Newman during his tenure as the Bolch Judicial Institute’s inaugural Distinguished Judge in Residence. The Institute’s Distinguished Judge in Residence […]

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Clerking to Excess? The Case Against Second (and Third and Fourth) Clerkships

There can be too much of a good thing. We know that’s true for food and drink, but we haven’t yet realized it’s also true for judicial clerkships. There has […]