Archive: October 2023

Is Disclosure and Certification of the Use of Generative AI Really Necessary?

The news abounds with articles on the promises — and perils — of generative AI (GenAI) […]

Toward Fairer, Quicker, Cheaper Litigation: A Unified Theory of Civil Case Management

In the year 2000, the California court system created a complex litigation pilot program […]

Trailblazing Chief Justices in the American States

The diversity of the American bench is frequently scrutinized by politicians, journalists, academics, and jurists themselves. This has been particularly true in recent years as the U.S. Supreme Court has […]

Image of supreme court being reflected in a pool of wahter

Losing Faith: Why Public Trust in the Judiciary Matters

What can judges do about America’s declining trust in public institutions?

Civic Illiteracy and the Rule of Law

The past few years have been a wild ride, and I say that as a former rodeo cowboy. America has endured a confluence of overlapping crises: pandemic, recession, impeachment, social […]

Necessarily Engaged

Read how judges are taking up the call to improve and expand civics education — in schools, in civic organizations, and in courtrooms.