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Brazil Supreme Court at Night

A Global Judicial News Report: April 2023

PICTURED ABOVE: BRAZIL SUPREME COURT AT NIGHT (ISTOCK) Brazil 🇧🇷 Brazilian Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes ordered former President Jair Bolsonaro to testify about riots that occurred on Jan. […]

Unique Civic Education Program Aims to Teach Young People About Courts and Civility

Portrayals of the courts in popular culture often don’t provide a full or accurate picture of how court systems and judges work. Yet they can significantly influence the public’s understanding […]

Postcard from Cincinnati, Ohio: Q&A with Judge Stephanie K. Bowman

In Judicature International’s Postcard Series, judges from around the world answer a series of questions about the structure of their court, challenges they face, unique experiences, and interactions on the bench. […]

Artificial Justice: The Quandary of AI in the Courtroom

Artificial intelligence is here, and it’s everywhere. The technology is so pervasive, in fact, that it now hides in plain sight — in our cars and on our coffee tables. […]

Washington's Annotated Copy of a Draft of the U.S. Constitution

Designing Constitutions for a Lasting Democracy

Donald L. Horowitz, a leading expert in constitutional law, talks with Elisabeth Perham about what it takes to craft a successful modern-day constitution.