Law & Technology

Cross Border Security

Overseas Obligations: An Update on Cross-Border Discovery

by Sandra Jeskie and Michael Baylson

Spring 2019 | Volume 103 Number 1

An article published in the Winter 2016 edition of Judicature provided an overview of case law and approaches for handling cross-border discovery in litigation. Since then, there have been some Continue Reading »

A crowd of people

Crowdsourcing and Data Analytics: The New Settlement Tools

by Bernard Chao, Christopher Robertson and David Yokum

Fall/Winter 2018 | Volume 102 Number 3

By protecting the right to a jury, the state and federal constitutions recognize the fundamental value of having civil and criminal disputes resolved by laypersons. Actual trials, however, are relatively Continue Reading »

Data Validation - Summer 2018

Data Validation: A crucial step toward controlling and understanding your data

by George Socha and Saaya Shah

Fall/Winter 2018 | Volume 102 Number 3

We all know the volume of data in litigation — particularly email data — continues to grow rapidly, with no sign of abating. That growth is forcing litigants to come Continue Reading »

cellphones in courts, summer 2018

Cell Phones in Court: Court cell phone policies attempt to balance risks with litigants’ needs

by William Raftery and Deborah W. Smith

Fall/Winter 2018 | Volume 102 Number 3

A resolution adopted by the Conference of Chief Justices and Conference of State Court Administrators in August 2018 (Resolution 7) encourages courts to carefully review and assess their policies for Continue Reading »

From the Publisher: The Possibilities and Risks of Technology

by David F. Levi

Fall/Winter 2018 | Volume 102 Number 3

The cover of this edition of Judicature highlights an article, “Crowdsourcing and Data Analytics: The New Settlement Tools,” that proposes a novel use of technology for reducing the time and Continue Reading »

to tweet or not to tweet

Point-Counterpoint: To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

by Douglas Nazarian and Barbara Berenson

Winter 2017 | Volume 101 Number 4

SOCIAL MEDIA APPLICATIONS HAVE BECOME UBIQUITOUS IN MODERN COMMUNICATION. But the use of these applications presents unique challenges for judges, who are not only judicial officers but also parents, community members, Continue Reading »