State Courts

The New Rap Sheet: Prosecuting Crimes, Chilling Free Speech

by SpearIt

Summer 2020 | Volume 104 Number 2

With the Fourth Amendment gone, eyes are on the First // That’s why I’m spittin cyanide each and every verse These lyrics from American rap artist Paris’ 2003 album, Sonic Continue Reading »

Civic Education: The Key to Preserving Judicial Independence

by Judicature Staff

Summer 2020 | Volume 104 Number 2

At a time when the branches of government are making daily headlines, how do we educate the public about a fair and impartial judiciary and its vital role in our Continue Reading »

Judicial Independence: Tweak the Guiding Paradigm

by Charles Geyh

Summer 2020 | Volume 104 Number 2

Over time, the public has simply ceased to believe judges when they say that they follow the law, and nothing but. If judges impose their ideological policy preferences, the argument Continue Reading »

Protecting Fair and Impartial Courts: Reflections on Judicial Independence

by David F. Levi

Summer 2020 | Volume 104 Number 2

I speak today about the importance of fair and impartial courts and the role of judicial independence in achieving that goal. I begin with two stories. Some years ago, my Continue Reading »

Experts in the Hot Tub at the Court of Arbitration for Sport

by Doriane L. Coleman and Jonathan Taylor

Summer 2020 | Volume 104 Number 2

The Games of the XXXII Olympiad (Tokyo 2020) have been postponed to 2021 as a result of the novel coronavirus, but litigation at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) Continue Reading »

Coping with COVID: Continuity and Change in the Courts

by Sherri Carter, Karen Caldwell, Mark Drummond, Robin L. Rosenberg, Sam Thumma, Vaughn Walker and David F. Levi

Summer 2020 | Volume 104 Number 2

By now, our courts, state and federal, have adapted much of their work to digital platforms. But some procedures or litigation events do not easily or obviously translate to the Continue Reading »

Courts Must Lead in the Crisis of Addiction

by Loretta H. Rush and Deborah Taylor Tate

Spring 2020 | Volume 104 Number 1

Last year, more Americans died of opioid overdoses than of many cancers, gunshot wounds, or even car crashes. In fact, by at least one metric, the epidemic is more dire Continue Reading »

Connecticut Court House

Sitting on the Bench: My Adventures in a Connecticut Court

by Carl J. Schuman

Spring 2020 | Volume 104 Number 1

Fellow judges, I highly recommend keeping a diary of your daily adventures in the courthouse. It would be hard to make up stories that are better than the reality of Continue Reading »

preparing for a pandemic

Preparing Courts for a Pandemic

by William Raftery

Spring 2020 | Volume 104 Number 1

As the coronavirus emerged around the globe early this year, it quickly began to affect every facet of society and government, including state courts. Unlike in prior instances of mass Continue Reading »

Judging Eyewitness Evidence

by Brandon Garrett

Spring 2020 | Volume 104 Number 1

Eyewitness evidence, in which a witness visually identifies the culprit, is a staple of criminal investigations. But its fallibility is notorious. As the National Academy of Sciences explained in an Continue Reading »