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On Responsive Judging

Judges are not constitutional theorists. Their role is a practical one: to provide impartial justice to parties in a particular case. […]

In Conversation with Stephen Gageler, Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia

Chief Justice Gageler speaks about his role and potential solutions to a few complex — and often global — problems that face the Australian judiciary.

Ukraine’s Supreme Court: Upholding Justice Amid War

February 24 marks two years since Russia’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine, the largest attack on a European country since World War II. Despite frequent air alerts and missile attacks, Ukraine’s […]

Judges in the U.S. and India Cultivate a Shared Commitment to Lifelong Learning

U.S. and Indian judges unite in judicial education exchange programs focused on terrorism, cybercrimes, and human trafficking.

Climate Change Litigation: Challenging the Horizons of Law

The year 2023 has offered the world a dramatic view of life in the age of climate change. Massive wildfires in Canada have burned more than 25 million acres and released […]

Playing the Long Game: The Role of International Courts and Tribunals in the Russo-Ukrainian War

International tribunals frequently adjudicate disputes between nation-states, but enforcement can be limited or in some cases nonexistent — especially in the face of a rogue authoritarian aggressor. […]

Proposed Legal Reforms in Israel: Are Israel’s “Constitutional Conventions” in Jeopardy?

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s proposal to overhaul the Israel judiciary, first introduced in January 2023, has been met with unprecedented international protests. At the forefront of his proposal are […]

The Impact of the Rule of Law on National Security in African Countries

Research shows that a strong rule of law fosters innumerable societal benefits, including improved living conditions and citizen wellbeing, more robust law enforcement, and economic growth. Another important but perhaps […]

Illustration of person behind bars with "innocence" written in multiple langauges.

Toward Recognizing an International Human Right to Claim Innocence

In the last decade, nations have begun to formally recognize an individual’s right — at any time — to raise post-conviction claims of factual innocence. Despite the recognition at the state level, no international human rights instrument fully recognizes the right to assert one’s claim of innocence.