Archive: August 2020


Will Jurors Come Back to Courthouses?

While America continues to grapple with the effects of COVID-19, courts are working to return to “new normal” operations. Of chief concern is the courts’ ability to recruit representative jury Continue Reading »

On the Record: Lyrics in Judicial Writing

Judge Mark W. Klingensmith of Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeal has always had rock and roll pumping through his veins. He played in a band during law school that Continue Reading »

Headings, please. The more, the better

REDLINES If there’s a good reason why many judicial opinions don’t use informative headings, I haven’t heard it. For readers, headings are a boon to navigating through the opinion. And Continue Reading »

The Conservative Case for Class Actions

POINT / COUNTERPOINT Should conservatives embrace class actions as the alternative to government regulation for policing corporate misconduct? Affection for the class-action lawsuit has typically split along political lines, with Continue Reading »