Archive: April 2021

Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, and the Law

Much attention is paid to our brave new world wrought by algorithms and artificial technology, one in which many societal functions are accelerated and made more efficient — and more […]

China’s E-Justice Revolution

(Pictured Above: View of an online hearing at the Hangzhou Internet Court, in Hangzhou City, the first court in the world designed to hear cases nearly exclusively online. Disputes focus […]

Sandra Day O’Connor’s “First” Principles: A Constructive Vision for an Angry Nation

Once upon a time in American public life, there were figures who achieved universal admiration. It was even possible to earn the trust of those with whom one disagreed. Justice […]

An Immigrant Judge’s Ode to Naturalization Ceremonies

Above: Judge Joseph in 2019 with her 92-year-old “adoptive” mother, Uctorieuse Destin, on the day Judge Joseph presided over Destin’s naturalization ceremony. COVID-19 has impacted all aspects of life, including […]