Archive: September 2022

10 Things Judges Should Know About Cryptocurrency

By now, you have probably heard of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Perhaps, however, you have found the topics impenetrable or doubted their relevance to the courtroom. But cryptocurrency is a […]

Legal Information vs. Legal Advice: A 25 Year Retrospective

In modern times, a key question in access to justice has been: To what extent can court personnel assist unrepresented litigants in filing and managing their claims? The answer to […]

Trauma-Informed Judicial Practice from the Judges’ Perspective

Research sends a clear message: The effects of trauma cannot be ignored within our court system. Up to 90 percent of adolescents and 75 percent of adults involved in the […]

Reforming the Electoral Count Act, Safeguarding the Vote

At the invitation of the leaders of The American Law Institute (ALI), a group of legal experts representing a range of legal and political views has developed a slate of […]