Vol. 106 No. 3 (2023) - Forging New Trails

David F. Levi

The Rule of Law “Must Always Be Won Anew”

by David F. Levi

Vol. 106 No. 3 (2023) | Forging New Trails

Dear Friends: This is my last publisher’s note. As of Jan. 1, 2023, retired U.S. District Judge Paul Grimm is the new director of the Bolch Judicial Institute and the […]

Case Processing Time Standards Take Hold in State Courts

by William Raftery

Vol. 106 No. 3 (2023) | Forging New Trails

For centuries, courts have grappled with the question of speedy and timely justice. Until the 20th century, this was almost exclusively viewed as a legal question: At what point does […]

International Association of Women Judges to receive 2023 Bolch Prize for the Rule of Law

by Melinda Myers Vaughn

Vol. 106 No. 3 (2023) | Forging New Trails

Pictured Above: Evacuees wait to board a plane in Kabul, August 2021. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Isaiah Campbell, Alamy Photo) The Bolch Judicial Institute has named the International […]


by Diane P. Wood, Renee Knake Jefferson and Hannah Brenner Johnson

Vol. 106 No. 3 (2023) | Forging New Trails

When Kentanji Brown Jackson was confirmed to the United States Supreme Court, she became the sixth woman to take the bench on the nation’s highest court. Her addition also put […]

Visiting Judges: Riding Circuit and Beyond

by Marin K. Levy

Vol. 106 No. 3 (2023) | Forging New Trails

The curious phenomenon of visiting judges and its serious benefits to the federal courts There is a curious phenomenon in the federal courts. An attorney recently arguing before the First Circuit […]

Visiting Judges: Going Global

by Alyssa S. King and Pamela K. Bookman

Vol. 106 No. 3 (2023) | Forging New Trails

Federal judges within the United States travel to sit on other circuits, but are typically restricted from holding external office or visiting international courts. After they leave the bench, however, […]

New Ideas About How Judges Think

by David F. Levi, Margaret H. Lemos, Barry Friedman and Andrew D. Martin

Vol. 106 No. 3 (2023) | Forging New Trails

Political scientists and legal scholars don’t necessarily have the same perspectives when it comes to the study of how judges make decisions. Legal scholars tend to take a more internal […]

Trailblazing Chief Justices in the American States

by Richard L. Vining, Jr. and Teena Wilhelm

Vol. 106 No. 3 (2023) | Forging New Trails

The diversity of the American bench is frequently scrutinized by politicians, journalists, academics, and jurists themselves. This has been particularly true in recent years as the U.S. Supreme Court has […]

Justice Breyer Retires From the Court

by Kannon K. Shanmugam, Sarah Boyce and Erwin Chemerinsky

Vol. 106 No. 3 (2023) | Forging New Trails

Justice Stephen Breyer’s retirement from the Supreme Court closes the book on a nearly 30-year term filled with erudite opinions. But it also marks the end of a unique presence in oral arguments. […]

What Do Judges Need to Know About Generation Z?

by Kimberly Carlton Bonner

Vol. 106 No. 3 (2023) | Forging New Trails

The most diverse, tech-savvy, anxious, and socially conscious generation to date is entering the legal profession. Members of Generation Z, also called “Gen Z” or “Zoomers,” will soon fill the […]

Person marking paper with red pen

The Case for Contractions (PDF)

by Joseph Kimble

Vol. 106 No. 3 (2023) | Forging New Trails

In a very short browse on Westlaw, I found some sentences that, in my view, would be improved by contractions: […]

You Are Being Scanned

by David Hoffman, Jolynn Childers Dellinger and Connor Leydecker

Vol. 106 No. 3 (2023) | Forging New Trails

It’s 1890. Responding in part to the invention of “instantaneous” photography, Samuel Warren and Louis Brandeis write The Right to Privacy, urging legal recognition of “the right to be let alone,” which […]

Is ‘Forensic Science’ A Misnomer?

by Jed S. Rakoff

Vol. 106 No. 3 (2023) | Forging New Trails

With the exception of DNA analysis, a great deal of so-called “forensic science” — that is, the analysis of tool marks, bite marks, hair comparisons, fingerprints, blood spatters, arson patterns, and […]

Senior Judge David B. Sentelle: Rainbows, Elephants, and Muskrats

by Andrew S. Oldham

Vol. 106 No. 3 (2023) | Forging New Trails

In the summer of 1987, David B. Sentelle found himself surrounded by 17,000 mostly naked hippies. If anything could distract a man from a U.S. Senate confirmation proceeding, surely that’s […]

Justice for All: Artwork by Natasha Ramras (PDF)

by Judicature Staff

Vol. 106 No. 3 (2023) | Forging New Trails

Natasha Ramras is an Oregon/Washington painter who uses acrylic and oil to capture the beauty of the Pacific Northwest in her landscapes and the salient issues of the day in her contemporary works. […]

Judicial Honors – Vol. 106 No. 3

by Matthew McKnight

Vol. 106 No. 3 (2023) | Forging New Trails

The Georgetown Center for the Constitution held a memorial event honoring Judge LAURENCE H. SILBERMAN, a longtime judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, who died in […]

In This Edition (Table of Contents Vol 106 No 3)

by Judicature Staff

Vol. 106 No. 3 (2023) | Forging New Trails

Features Shortlisted BY RENEE KNAKE JEFFERSON, HANNAH BRENNER JOHNSON & DIANE P. WOOD Visiting Judges Riding Circuit and Beyond BY MARIN K. LEVY Visiting Judges Going Global BY PAMELA K. BOOKMAN […]