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Legal Tradition — Or Symbol of Subjugation?

Recently a huge controversy erupted in Zimbabwe over the alleged purchase of British horsehair wigs for Zimbabwean judges. Given the financial challenges ordinary Zimbabweans face, it was not surprising that […]

Turning Square Corners: Judge David R. Hansen

More than a century ago, Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. wrote that upstanding citizens “must turn square corners.” Senior Judge David R. Hansen, United States Court of Appeals for the […]

Judges, Judging and Otherwise

Ask the average person to imagine what a judge does, and the answer will most likely be something right out of a courtroom from Law & Order — or Legally Blonde, Just Mercy, My […]

David F. Levi

Declining Confidence in the Judiciary

The most recent Gallup polls show a striking loss of confidence by Americans in the Supreme Court and the federal judiciary more generally. Administered in June 2022, the poll showed Americans’ […]

Stopping the Presses: National Security Meets Freedom of Speech

There are at least two points of consensus among those who study national security secrecy: First, the government must keep some secrets in order to protect national security. Second, a […]

Ebb and Flow

In their article, Human Rights in Europe? (European Journal of international law, Vol. 31 No. 3 (2020)), LAURENCE R. HELFER, the Harry R. Chadwick, Sr. Professor of Law at Duke University, and ERIK VOETEN, the […]

Collected Wisdom on Selecting Leaders and Managing MDLs

In 2020, nearly one out of every two new suits filed in federal civil court was part of a multidistrict litigation (MDL). Initially designed to organize antitrust cases against electrical equipment manufacturers, […]

Critical Life Skills Through Courtroom Experiences

Often, problems come as problems. We know them when we see them; when we feel that unmistakable pit in our stomachs. But sometimes, the problems that arrive on our doorstep […]

One of the Most Rewarding Things I’ve Done as a Judge

While working as a United States magistrate judge, I had the great (and rather humbling) honor to serve as national president of the Federal Bar Association (FBA) from 2016 to […]

High School Students With Teacher In Class Using Laptops Smiling

Involve, Inform, Inspire

My first civics teacher was my father. He was a World War II veteran and a POW for 16 months, three of which were spent in extreme winter conditions on […]