Judge Frederic Blockx was born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium. After attending law school there, and after a few years in private practice, he was admitted to the training program of the Belgian judiciary, where he worked at the prosecutor’s office as well as in the general court, dealing with civil and criminal cases. He was appointed a judge in the Antwerp commercial court in 2007 and has worked there since, hearing commercial contract cases as well as with intellectual property and unfair market competition cases. Judge Blockx has been a part-time, so called ‘delegated judge’ with the Belgian Supreme Court (Cour de cassation), a supporting function to the actual justices, since 2012. He is also academically active as a fellow with the University of Antwerp Law School and defended a Ph.D. thesis on the law of professional (especially medical) confidentiality in 2013. Judge Blockx received his Master of Judicial Studies Degree from Duke Law School in 2018.

Written by Frederic Blockx

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