Court Administration

Judicial Honors Summer 2020

by Judicature Staff

Summer 2020 | Volume 104 Number 2

Judge Tanya Walton Pratt of the Southern District of Indiana received the 2020 Distinguished Postgraduate Achievement Award from Howard University School of Law. The award recognizes alumni who have made Continue Reading »

The New Rap Sheet: Prosecuting Crimes, Chilling Free Speech

by SpearIt

Summer 2020 | Volume 104 Number 2

With the Fourth Amendment gone, eyes are on the First // That’s why I’m spittin cyanide each and every verse These lyrics from American rap artist Paris’ 2003 album, Sonic Continue Reading »


Will Jurors Come Back to Courthouses?

by William Raftery

Summer 2020 | Volume 104 Number 2

While America continues to grapple with the effects of COVID-19, courts are working to return to “new normal” operations. Of chief concern is the courts’ ability to recruit representative jury Continue Reading »


Typography for Judges

by Matthew Stiegler

Summer 2020 | Volume 104 Number 2

Not so long ago, the prevailing standard for typography in opinions and briefs was atrocious. The entire profession seemed to believe that the way to make a document look lawyerly Continue Reading »

On the Record: Lyrics in Judicial Writing

by Mark W. Klingensmith

Summer 2020 | Volume 104 Number 2

Judge Mark W. Klingensmith of Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeal has always had rock and roll pumping through his veins. He played in a band during law school that Continue Reading »

Headings, please. The more, the better

by Joseph Kimble

Summer 2020 | Volume 104 Number 2

REDLINES If there’s a good reason why many judicial opinions don’t use informative headings, I haven’t heard it. For readers, headings are a boon to navigating through the opinion. And Continue Reading »

Experts in the Hot Tub at the Court of Arbitration for Sport

by Doriane L. Coleman and Jonathan Taylor

Summer 2020 | Volume 104 Number 2

The Games of the XXXII Olympiad (Tokyo 2020) have been postponed to 2021 as a result of the novel coronavirus, but litigation at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) Continue Reading »

Better by the Dozen: Bringing Back the Twelve-Person Civil Jury

by Patrick Higginbotham, Lee Rosenthal and Steven Gensler

Summer 2020 | Volume 104 Number 2

A jury of 12 resonates through the centuries. Twelve-person juries were a fixture from at least the 14th century until the 1970s.1 Over 600 years of history is a powerful Continue Reading »

Coping with COVID: Continuity and Change in the Courts

by Sherri Carter, Karen Caldwell, Mark Drummond, Robin L. Rosenberg, Sam Thumma, Vaughn Walker and David F. Levi

Summer 2020 | Volume 104 Number 2

By now, our courts, state and federal, have adapted much of their work to digital platforms. But some procedures or litigation events do not easily or obviously translate to the Continue Reading »

the negotiation class

The Negotiation Class

by Francis McGovern, Elizabeth Burch and William Rubenstein

Spring 2020 | Volume 104 Number 1

Growing dockets have long been the mother of judicial invention. In 1968, Congress created the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation and authorized it to create multidistrict litigations (or MDLs) to Continue Reading »